Nepal fashion week 2016 is to begin from 30th March

Nepal Fashion Week 2016Rojin Shakya | One of the biggest fashion extravaganzas TGIF Nepal Fashion Week is all set for the take off of its 2016 edition.

The four day fashion fair would official begin on 30th of March 2016 and would last till 2nd of April 2016. The venue would be Hyatt Regency Hotel, Boudha.

The four days of glitz and glamour would witness the creativity on fabrics, colors, designs and styles by upcoming talented promising designers as well as the established ones.

With the tag line ‘Be there. It’s time to rediscover your fashion quotient! ‘, the event to be organized by APCA Events in association with IEC is right now in the promotional campaign through the print media. Right now the promotional campaign is in its high note featuring the selected glam divas of runway scene and is being presented in various moods and themes entitled as Fashion Rejuvenated, Glamour Reignited, Fashion Revisited, Trend Reinvented and Style Decoded.

Each year Nepal Fashion Week is been able to deliver something new and fresh. Dear fashionistas fasten your seat belts because you would be definitely witnessing the better, bigger and bolder version of TGIF Nepal Fashion week.

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